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Iphone apps I use every day, must have apps

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Era of Iphone and Android brought us a lot of apps we cannot live without. So without any bullshit and seo text I will tell you what kind of apps I personally use on my Iphone every day.

Gmail / Tutanota


No shit, we all use Gmail as default email app, because it is simple and easy to use and it is really good made app.

Of course there are apps like Outlook, Yahoo, but let's be honest, no one use them, maybe my grandma do.

In other hand Gmail (google) steal your data and sell you some shit, OH YES BIG SURPRISE!!

So for that is why for important emails I use Tutanota, it is free and open source and they care about your privacy.

Protonmail is also good option, but I am somehow in love with Tutanota.


Telegram / Whatsapp / Facetime / Slack / Discord


Now, messaging apps. We all love Telegram because of how many features it has and how they made apps for desktop, web and mobile. You can literally use it on every device. Try on microwave and let me know.

Telegram has problems with privacy and security, but who don't? You can use Signal app and it is really good. You will be so private and so ALONE!! So we have what we have.

Whatsapp is being used to communicate with people who think that whatsapp is SMS. 'Send me SMS on whatsapp' - that's what I hear.

You cannot change my mind that Whatsapp is some kind of shit app, but I still need it to speak with dummies.

The apple default apps are sucks very often, but not the Facetime, somehow they made a good app this time. I use it to talk with my family and friends.

Slack is an app for work chatting, you never like it, but you need it. I use it without enjoying it. In other hand Discord is made for gamers, and as a gamer I love this app, it has very smart noise cancellation.


Spotify / Youtube


Spotify is the best music streaming app, no shit, really. Their algorithm is pretty bad, but still better than other.

You can ask a fair question about Apple Music, I opened it only when I miss clicked. No, honestly I tried it and it was not good enough for my kingy needs.

Youtube is a good option too, I love this app not even for music. I use it to watch news and history channels.


Google calendar


Google calendar is the best calendar app, I use it very often and it is very good looking app and in my opinion you don't need anything else.

Now apple boys will say 'the best calendar is Fantastical app', ok, WHY? I asked it every time and no one can really tell me. I think that Google calendar app is minimalistic and great app to use as calendar.

I schedule appointments, meetings, events, I meet with people, I have a lot of things to do with my calendar and yet Google calender is what I need.

Google calendar

Find my / Life360

apple app

I use both. Find my is good to track your devices and family members too, and it is good enough. But Life360 is better for tracking your family members, because it has more features. You can see their speed if they drive and you can see where they are. You can ask for ETA, it has crash detection and more.




Using RSS in 2023? Yes, I am the one. I use Feedly daily to read news and blogs I am subscribed to. Feedly app guys made a really good app, it is easy to use and it is really good looking.


Photos / Google photos

google apps

I cannot say that I am a Google adept, but some of their apps are really good and I cannot deny it.

Google photos is storing your photos in the cloud and clean your phone storage. I have 2TB subscription and I am happy with it. The app also send you some nice memories from your past.

Google photos


todo list

After many years I tried many apps to manage my tasks. I was using Wunderlist, RememberTheMilk for some time and they were great. But I always was looking for better app.

I used Todoist previously and then switched to Trello and now I switched back to Todoist. I guess I will always try to find the perfect app for the tasks. Maybe it is an endless game for me.

Apple boys will say 'the best app is Things3', Oh shit cmon, IT IS NOT! Things3 is always in charts as best todo app, but it is sucks. It is 2023 and Things3 is offline only, you cannot share tasks or list of tasks. You cannot share it with your family, so how Things3 can be the best app?

Todoist do the job, you can pay them for more features, but I use it for free and have all I need. You can share tasks, you can access your tasks from everywhere, every device.


Bitwarden / Enpass


I started using password managers in 2009 (FUCK YEAH), I was using Lastpass and it was good enough. But then Lastpass was sold to LogMeIn and they started to suck. They were hacked several times and I understood that I need to find more secure password manager.

I fell in love with Enpass, it is beautiful app, it is easy to use and it is secure. I used it for 2 years or more. Then Bitwarden poped up, it is free and open source. I immediately switched to Bitwarden. And never looked back.

I must say that Bitwarden is not as beautiful as Enpass, but it is more secure.

Now apple boys will say 'the best password manager is 1Password', Hahah, NO! 1Password is made to make you suffer with locks and unlocks and you cannot change it. It is also not open source. And also their app suck as hell.


Honorable mentions


Google maps

I use it, you have no choice. It is the only navigation app that works.


I use it to secure my accounts. It is the best 2FA app.

Book player

I use it to listen books.

Instagram, facebook, twitter, tiktok and Reddit

Only Reddit is a good app, rest are suck and I hate them, but still use.

Comment if you have any questions. Suggestions are welcome. Stay safe. Remember.. No shit!