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Best password manager


Do you use the same password for all your accounts? Are you fucking dumb? The strong reason to use password manager is security.

Cool story bro

Pretend that you have imaginary friend named Frankie, Frankie has account on Facebook, he has a very cool password 123456.
Now he creates another account on Google and uses the same password 123456, because why would he make another one? Right?
Now Frankie has two account with the same password, all good, he will never forget the password, life is good.
Frankie dumb? Not really, he is very dumb.

On a rainy Friday, Frankie receives an email from Facebook that someone wants to be his friend, Frankie is happy than ever, becuase he never got friends, finaly he gets one.
Frankie clicks on the link in the email, comes to faceboooooooook.com page that looks exacly like the facebook.com, enters his password and gets hacked.
Now the hacker knows his password and tries it on other services like google, woah.. The hacker gets all Frankie accounts because of one fucking password. Is Frankie dumb? Not really, he is very dumb.

So how password manager helps?

First of all, you can have one strong password while allowing the password manager to generate and store the rest of your passwords securely. Second, you will never miss if it is faceboooooooook.com or facebook.com, the password manager will tell ya if do something wrong. Third, you will get notified if your account got hacked.

You told too much, give us the best password manager already


I would say it is Bitwarden, why?
1. It is free, of course you can pay for it, but free version is really enough.
2. Secure
3. Open source
4. Because I say so

I am not affiliated with Bitwarden, I am just in love with it.

Stop being dumb, comment if you are not!