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The Last of Us TV Series: High Expectations, Low Execution

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After watching two episodes of The Last of Us, I have found myself struggling to fully enjoy the series. As a fan of the game, I had high expectations for the adaptation, but unfortunately, it falls short in several areas.

One of my main criticisms is the lack of impactful visuals. In the game, the destroyed cities and buildings are awe-inspiring, but in the series, they are shown briefly and lack the same level of detail and scale.

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Another disappointment for me is the casting of Bella Ramsay as Ellie. While I was initially hesitant about her being cast in the role, I was open to giving her a chance. However, her performance has not convinced me that she is the right fit for the character. Ellie is a complex and nuanced character, and Ramsay's portrayal falls short in capturing her essence.

Lastly, the death of Sarah, a character that was introduced to us and we fell in love with, was a bitter moment to watch. On the other hand, the death of Tess, another character, was not given the same emotional weight.

In conclusion, while I am a fan of the game, I have found the series to be underwhelming so far. I hope that the upcoming episodes will improve and change my mind.

That's all for now.. I hope it gets better (please be better)